Amazon Andes Export SAC created the “Uchu” project to produce, market and export Peruvian peppers and spices in response to growing demand for Unique high quality food and ingredients derived from wide variety of peppers or chilies and hot peppers (Capsicum).

“Uchu” Which means pepper in Quechua, seeks to develop products of the 19 varieties of native peppers belonging to 5 species of domesticated peppers and cultivated in different regions , from the highlands in the Andes, to the coastal deserts and the Amazon region of Peru.

The current promotion of Peruvian cuisine represent an opportunity to offer the great diversity of native peppers in Peru, we believe in the potential of entering new international markets supplying the growing global demand for new and exotic foods such as chillies , new organic products , fresh and processed presentations ; in order to satisfy consumer´s preferences worldwide.

We invite you to join us,
thebest native
and organic products
from Peru to the entire world.